Fajita Steak Salad


Fried flour tortilla bowl, beans, lettuce, grilled to order fajita steak, with Pico, cheese, sour cream, and GUACAMOLE. It’s like eating fajitas only without all the work!  Salsa, Ranch, and Jalapeno Ranch available on the side, just let us know

DISCLAIMER:  Ok this picture obviously does not have Guacamole on it, and we had GUACAMOLE in cap so we must have thought it was a big deal.  So here is the deal we did these pictures last summer with my daughter when we were traveling in Texas to order our trailer, and it was so much work trying to find/make a bowl and get all the other things for Salads and Rice bowls with out our kitchen (we left it in Omaha)  we just skipped those pictures.  Sorry.  I promise if you close your eyes and imagine all the things we described above, it will look amazing, I swear!!!


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Fajita Steak, Lime Cilantro Fajita Chicken