Zemog’s? Who the hell are they?

They put the “Z” in Mexican

Ponce and Heather Gomez (get it yet?) spent decades in the restaurant industry, working for fun places like Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Sonic (only one decade with Zemog’s, but by far the best!). In 2008, it was time to spread our wings and try our own venture. Great-grandma came from Mexico, and Dad is from south Texas. Also, Mexican is one of our 2 favorite food groups (Italian is the other)…but with a name like Gomez…Mexican it was! We spent weeks in exotic locales with names like Seguin, Houston, and Victoria, cooking old family recipes with old family.

We returned to Omaha, spent months testing out these recipes and creating some of our own (using our family, friends, and anyone else we could grab as guinea pigs every weekend), before opening our first restaurant on 108th and Q St in August of 2009. (Side note: we perfected our salsa recipe the night before we opened. That was a fun night. If you’re married, you’ll understand!)

We continually changed and upgraded our menu, offered delivery way before delivery was considered “fun,” and were just generally awesome in almost every way.

Over the course of the next six years, we opened two more restaurants. (Yep. Three restaurants. We also owned a game store. And there are two of us. Yeah. We know.)

In 2016, the corporate vending/catering side of our business began to take off–to the extent that we decided to close the restaurants and focus solely on that aspect. Also, we were getting older and decided we were tired of working 70+ hours a week, and that we like things like weekends and holidays off–all highly unusual in the restaurant biz.

Fast-forward four years…and we don’t need to go into all the joy of 2020, but it was time to change our business model, so we purchased our first food truck and embarked on our next new adventure in this crazy world. So here we are.

Welcome to Zemogia, where food is love, customers are friends, and friends are family.

Peace, Love, and Tacos for All
(p.s. Gomez. It’s Gomez backwards.)